AllAssignmentHelp Review 2.4/10

The AllAssignmentHelp Review Analysis

Improvement needed with Expert, Quality, PROMISE, and Refund

Expert Information 2/10
Quality of Assignment 2/10
Price 4/10
Promise 2/10
Refund Policy 2/10

AllAssignmentHelp Review Information

After gone through the website I have understood the steps and procedure of this company which seems different. There are 4 steps to be followed to book the assignment 1st one is to submit the homework or in other words the assignment requirements, 2nd one is making the payment and 3rd one is to request the draft and 4th one is to get the assignment solution online but after analysis the AllAssignmenthelp Reviews of students many of the times they never give the draft in between. They have mentioned that they will assist us 24/7 on call and on chat as well but after analyzing the reviews of my friends they are too late to response on chat. As most of the time, the chat was disconnected.
Allassignmenthelp review

Let’s lookout:-

Expert Information:-

The expert seems that they have finished 1000+ assignments and all the experts have a very good rating but reviews reveal different views about experts. I have booked my finance assignment which was really important to me, in which some calculations is there but before few days of the deadline the expert submitted only the write-up part but not calculations and by seeing this type of unprofessional behavior I was very upset from the service they offered me. Even by analyzing the AllAssignmentHelp Reviews of my friends I found that some of them faced issues regarding the quality while other faces an issue regarding the standard of the assignment is very low.

AllAssignmentHelp Review Expert Rating: 2/10

Quality Rating

Quality of Assignment is one of the most important parts of every task because it will declare the marks of students in the assignment. For any university, the total marks are always depended upon the quality of assignment. The student was always worried about the quality. However, the analysis finds that the expert completes the assignment but they always provided the low quality. I have also booked my assignment in A grade but if the service provides me the D grade quality what the final step the students will take?. As per the reviews of my friends they will switch this type of service and will look for any other

Quality Rating 2/10


After analysing the website I have found that the AllAssignmentHelp is little bit better in price because I have seen that they have provided price calculator so that they maintain the transparency in payment which is good enough but reviews also said that price is little bit high as compared to the many of the websites of the same services.  As the price always depends upon the requirements and difficulty level of the assignment but they never give the assignment of that same quality for which they charge too many prices.

Price Rating 4/10


>The promise is one of the best things to hold any customer. However, after analyzing the reviews, I have found that customer retention is very low because they failed to fulfill the promise. When I have booked my assignment they promise me that they will give the best quality in the given deadline but not only had they missed my deadline even they also missed to provide the best quality by providing partial work at the last moment. In this way personally, I don’t think so that the customer retained theirs for the next assignment.

Promise Rating 2/10

Refund Policy

On the website, they have not mentioned any refund policy. But when I am requested for the refund due to the bad quality they started to convince me to adjust the same amount in my next assignment however I don’t want to take the risk in my second assignment. By analyzing the reviews of students, I get to know that the refund policy is very worst in this company. Hence the student suffered in money aspects

Refund Rating 2/10 Students Review

Based on my analysis and reviews, please keep attention and make sure to think before investing in this type of websites. As it is not a matter of your money but it’s the matter of your career which will be affected if you will move towards bad services Review Rated 2.4/10