AssignmentGeek Review 4.3/10

The AssignmentGeek Review Analysis

Improvement Needed with Expert, Quality,Promise,and Refund

Expert Information 4/10
Quality of Assignment 4.2/10
Price 5.6/10
Promise 4.5/10
Refund Policy 3.3/10

AssignmentGeek Review Information

The websites seem very good and informative. The company describes all the information in an organized way. However, somewhere it seems promotional. The company provides a wide range of services to their students but as per the AssignmentGreek review, the students are not satisfied with the work the experts provided. The company provides services like Homework, Dissertation which is very crucial and all subjects. But writing the assignment is different and getting the assignment done in a very professional manner is different. My friend “Joel” is an Executive in an Australian Company and he is pursuing the MBA too. He has no time to complete the assignment on the given date. Even he was too busy in his Job that he forgot the deadline of assignment until and unless I remind him.
At the last moment, he was panic for his assignment and finally after doing a lot of research he found that this writing service is good for his assignment as it looks very professional and informative. He forgot to check the reviews in the web pages.

Assignmentgeek Review

Expert Information:-

The expert seems very high qualified; the company hired the Ph.D. writers to get the assignment done. But the writers who did my assignment seem not that much of experienced. The writer felt difficult to understand the requirements of my finance assignment. My friend Joel submitted all the requirements even the approaches as well. As per AssignmentGreek Review, “” students also claim that the writers seem new in this field. The writer who did the assignment has no knowledge of citation and used the native language to complete the assignment.

AssignmentGeek Review Expert Rating 4/10

Quality Rating

The quality has a space to upgrade the marks. But the writer provides the average quality of task. Joel received the low quality of work as the assignment looks very low standard. As per the AssignmentGeek Review some students seem happy while some claim that writers don’t have any idea how to write the assignment. If it was related with essay assignment than writers easily do that but if it was the case of any high standard assignment than writers failed to deliver the high quality.

Quality Rating 4.2/10


The price depends on many factors like assignment type, complexity, word count and delivers time. These all factors decided the price of assignment. The company provides discount offers to its students. However, the minimum price of placing the order after discount was 15$ which is high as compared to other writing services. But the quality of assignments matters a lot instead of slight changes in price.

Price Rating 5.6/10


The company promises seems fake because the writer is not that much of qualified as stated in the websites. The customer support is very effective and they always available to help you. Sometimes there is a problem in a server and the chat was always disconnected. The company promises that they will deliver the assignment on the exact time given by the students but the company failed to fulfill that promise as well. Joel received the assignment after 1 day passed that was late by 24hrs. The Joel lost his marks due to late submission and overall the Joel decided not to choose this writing service again.

Promise Rating 4.5/10

Refund Policy

The company promises to refund the money but this all depends on the condition, like if the students failed in the assignment or if the students are not satisfied with the task done by writers. But after claiming for money back the Joel received only ignorance and company try their level best to compensate the matter. There are many students who are waiting for money back from last 1 month.

Refund Rating 3.3/10 Review

Based on the analysis and my friend’s own experience I would like to suggest to choose any other writing service as there are many services available on the web pages.

Assignmentgeek review Review  Rated 4.3/10