AssignmentGlobe Review 5.3/10

The AssignmentGlobe Review Analysis

Improvements needed with Experts and Refund Policy

Expert Information 3/10
Quality of Assignment 5.5/10
Price 5.5/10
Promise 6/10
Refund Policy 5.5/10

AssignmentGlobe Review Information

The Website highlights that this is the best services provider and serves several students of Australia. When we click on the service page we find only 2 services but insights we will get the real service offered by them although the website design is not a user-friendly we can find the services by going inside. The company offers free delivery of Title page, bibliography, and formatting. They also provide unlimited revisions.  They are providing the dissertation, thesis, research papers, case study, and essay services. While they are not mentioned about their writers but they mentioned that the writers are well qualified and experienced enough which is not true as per the AssignmentGlobe Reviews on the webs pages. The reviews said that some students are happy or some of the students did not want to use this service again.

AssignmentGlobe Review

Let’s look out the real facts of this company.

Expert Information:-

However, there is no information related to experts in this company. They are not reveal anything regarding experts’ qualification and experience. But they have written only a single line that they have hired the best experts and have experienced enough in this field. One of my friends booked the Management subject of 2500 words but my friend told them that she would submit the requirements after 3 days. She didn’t submit any of the requirements or description in the order. Guess what she has received after 2 days was totally unpredictable, the writer submits the assignment after 2 days without any requirements submission. This was a very strange situation for my friend. If the experts are experienced enough in this field then he must know how to proceed with the assignment.

AssignmentGlobe Review Expert Rating 3/10

Quality of Assignments

The quality of assignment was somehow good. Some of my friends received good quality of assignment which is of basic writing of approx 500 words. But many of the friends received a bad quality of paper which is of a high standard like MBA level or higher qualification. That means the writer is not well experienced enough. They know only to write the basic requirements of the assignment. My friend booked essay assignment which she has received good quality and I have booked Marketing assignment which I have received poor quality this is not a professional way to deal with the assignments.  If the company failed to understand the requirements then they must be informed to the students for the same. As per my AssignmentGlobe Review analysis, one can book a simple article or essay writing assignment to this website.

Quality Rating 5.5/10


Being a student of Australian University I can understand that the price structure is depending upon a number of the parameters like subject, complexity, word count, deadline. As per the website analysis, they have only the 3 option select page, select spacing, and select subject. After that, you will get the price as per the deadline. How one can understand the complexity level of assignment without submission of requirements. Without any analysis of assignment, they will display the price which sounds totally fake. Although the price is affordable and very low as compared to the other website. That’s the reason the student is happy with the price structure and rated high for the price factor. I would like to suggest to all the students to think once as the company will give the same price to all the standards of assignment whether the subject is the postgraduate level or graduate level

Price Rating 5.5/10


The promise is the real commitment for any company that they make with their students. The company is responsible to fulfill that promise. Although the customer service is very good in convincing and solving the problems. They respond as soon as possible.  The company promise o available 24*7 is true but the expert they provided is not up to the mark. They have a lack of experience and the career is not for a trial period. The company provides all the services but what the use of that service if the student is not satisfied with the work.

Promise Rating 6/10

Refund Policy

I have analyzed that the website has a refund policy to their students. It will make the students feel comfortable to use this service. It’s very good to see that the students are assured enough with their investment. The company is honest to refund the money back. But the fact is that the students booked their assignment and they won’t work, not the money. The company refunds money on the wallet not on the bank account to use in the next assignment.

Refund Policy Rating 5.5/10 Students Review

The company is good to write only on basic requirements, not on high-level standards education. As per the AssignmentGlobe Reviews, this service is not good for higher qualified students. I would like to suggest to think smartly before investing. Review Rated 5.3/10