AssignmentHelp4Me Review 2.5/10

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Need Improvement with Experts, Quality, Price, Promise, and Refund

Expert Information 3/10
Quality of Assignment 2/10
Price 3/10
Promise 2/10
Refund Policy 2.5/10

AssignmentHelp4Me Review Information

The website seems that the company provides a wide range of services. They have hired the best experts to do the students assignment. Are all the facts are really true? Do you think so? The AssignmentHelp4Me Review of my friends on other web pages sound different from the information given on the websites. Everyone worried about the quality of assignments, the timely submission as well as the problem to complete all the requirement of the assignments. I have searched many websites because being a student’s I know how it is difficult to trust any websites. One of my engineering friend ‘’ Joseph’’ wants to share the personal experience of this company. Although he is not interested to do the assignment from any writing service due to some emergency he was bound to use this service.

AssignmentHelp4me Review

Let’s look out his experience:-

Expert Information:-

As per the website the company hired the high qualified writers with years of experience in this field. As per the AssignmentHelp4Me Reviews and my friend Joseph told me that the writers have no experience and all the information on the website is fake. As the Joseph submitted all the requirements with approaches to proceed that assignment. The deadline was 2 days but after one day passed when it was closed to the submission time. One of the girls from the customer support wants more word count to complete the assignment. It was that situation where I can’t do anything as my deadline is about to close. After confirming more words efforts. The writer failed to follow all the approaches and did a very terrible assignment which was beyond my expectation. Maybe they have experienced only in basic assignment writing skill but the writers are not highly qualified or experienced in higher qualification..

AssignmentHelp4me Review Expert Rating 3/10

Quality of Assignment

The quality they provided to my friend is very poor as he got only passing marks. As per the review’s analysis ‘’ ‘’ you come to know how poor quality they are offering to their students. I have analyzed after receiving my solution from them. Which was rubbish but I have no choice because my deadline is closed and anyhow I have to submit my assignment in the given time. The expert submitted my assignment delayed by 1days more. So I have no choice to do rework and editing which was a very unprofessional way to deal with the assignment. As per the reviews of web pages the expert always had done a lot of grammatical errors..

Quality Rating 2/10


My friend has booked my assignment with no discount as he was in a hurry. But after analyzing the reviews I get to know that the company avails the discount after you have discussed on chat for the same. It is not the right way. The price is a little bit high in the deadline factor. I also know that the price depends on a number of factors like complexity, assignment types, requirements, and deadlines. But this company display the high price as compared to any other websites.

Price Rating 3/10


The fulfillment of promise will help the company to retain the students. As per the AssignmentHelp4Me Reviews, the company failed to deliver the assignment on time.  The expert did a lot of grammatical errors in the assignment due to which quality also hampers.  However, customer support is very helpful and reverted to the query instantly. The connectivity is very bad because it will be disconnected at any time. The company failed to fulfill the promise which they will make at the time of booking. My friend was so regretted by using the service. As it was a totally unexpected solution. Even many of friends claim that this company is totally scam

Promise Rating 2/10

Refund Policy

One thing that I found good is the Refund Policy. The company mentioned the details of refund policy on the website but when my friends demanded money back they give excuses and refused to refund the money. This is not a professional way to deal with the students.

Refund Rating 2.5/10 Students Review

I would like to suggest that for every student’s career matters a lot. No one has a right to ruin your career. Think once before utilizing this service.

AssignmentHelp4me review Review Rated 2.5/10