AssignmentHelpHub Review 4.5/10

The AssignmentHelpHub Review Analysis

Improvement Needed with Expert, Quality, Promise, and Refund

Expert Information 4/10
Quality of Assignment 5/10
Price 6/10
Promise 4/10
Refund Policy 3.5/10

AssignmentHelpHub Review Information

The website of the company has a lot of information and you can get an idea from the website. They have provided a wide range of services to their students. The websites seem the statistic of delivering more than 20000+ assignment to the students, which is good enough to gain the experience. The graph shows that many students are happy. But you really think that the stats are real and accurate. As per the AssignmentHelpHub Review, many students said that the company provides fake information on her website. Many of the students received an incomplete solution and the paper is not as per the deadline. Few of the students are satisfied by some of the factors while others are not that much satisfied.
To do the research I have also booked my one assignment with them that is of Statistic of 2000 words and calculations efforts. You can’t believe what I have received from them. Let’s discuss

AssignmentHelpHub Review

Expert Information:-

The website shows that the company has more than 15000 experts to do the student assignment. The expert does not seem to be efficient enough as they failed to understand the real requirement of the assignment and I have submitted all the requirements at the same time even I have submitted the approaches to do the assignment. I have given the sufficient deadline of 4days to complete my assignment. The customer support called me after 2 days and said that expert needs some previous work related to this assignment. I don’t understand if the expert have experience and they are qualified enough then why there is so much confusion for my assignment.
Then after passed 60 hours, they said that they need more word count to complete the calculations. I have no choice because the deadline is approx near to me. I have paid again 50$ more. But after that, I have received an incomplete solution. It is a really very bad situation for me.
As per the AssignmentHelpHub Review “” Some students are satisfied with the essay work.

AssignmentHelpHub Review Expert Rating 4/10

Quality Rating

The quality of the assignment was average and the experts are not able to answer the calculations properly. But what they have provided was not too bad. The assignments have lot of grammatical errors. After did corrections then I have submitted the assignment to the university? The expert submitted my assignment after 2 days of delay which is not a professional way to deal with any career. I have lost my marks due to the delay.

Quality Rating 5/10


The price has lot of factors to depend on it. The price is depended on the number of factor like word count, complexity, Assignment type and deadline. The price is variable for every assignment. The price is good enough. I don’t think so that the student has any issue regarding the price. In the left-hand side, there is the form where you can get the quote as soon as possible after submitting the assignment.

Price Rating 6/10


The company failed to fulfill all the commitment to the students. As per the AssignmentHelpHub Review “ “ The students are not satisfied with the service of the company. They claim that the company is fraud and give fake information to the students. The stats rate showed that 95% of students are satisfied with the work which is totally fake because out of the website there is a lot of complaint box. I have received the incomplete solution and I have got very fewer marks in my assignment.

Promise Rating 4/10

Refund Policy

In this section, the company has mentioned the refund policy which is depended on a number of the criteria. You can check the AssignmentHelpHub Review “” where a lot of students said that the company refused for money back. I have also raised my ticket to get money back but get no response till now. They totally ignore by giving excuses.
While some of the students said that they get a refund but in the wallet which is used in the next assignment. But what we do the wallet amount if I am not interested in booked next assignment

Refund Rating 3.5/10 Students Review

Based on my analysis the company is not efficient enough to give the best result. There is a lot of complaints of my friends in the web pages. I am not booked any more assignment with this company. Because it is the matter of my career I don’t want to take any risk. Review Rated 4.5/10