AustralianHelp Review 3/10

The AustralianHelp Review Analysis

Improvements needed with Quality, Experts, Refund Policy and PROMISE

Expert Information 3/10
Quality of Assignment 2/10
Price 6/10
Promise 3/10
Refund Policy 1/10

AustralianHelp Review Information

We have reviewed almost every Australian writing service in which Australianhelp is one of them. The reviews are based on numbers of students testimonial who have shared their personal experiences. The website of the company seems that they help struggling students with the workload. But is it really true that their quality and services provided relief to the student? As per my analysis of AustralianHelp Review, the students didn’t get any relief when they used the company services. On the website, they offer many writing services and most of the popular services are related to essay writing which is basically used by high standard students. Let’s look out some of the details of the company.

AustralianHelp reviews

Expert Information:-

The website doesn’t give any information related to the expert qualification and experience. There is a lack of information related to the hiring of an expert. As per the reviews, the student claims that the experts have the knowledge of the only article writing a related assignment or essay writing. AustralianHelp failed to do the postgraduate assignments. Even the writer doesn’t understand the exact requirements of the assignment. As one of my friends when booked his first assignment of essay writing, he received the good quality but after that when he booked the nursing assignment then he got the poor work done by experts. Therefore we can say that the experts have a lack of experience and under qualified.

AustralianHelp Review Expert Rating:- 3/4 3/10

Quality Rating

As per the analysis of reviews, I would like to suggest that if you think that you got the assignment as per your expectation of quality then this service is not a good choice, because many of the students claim that the quality of assignment is very poor even I have booked my one assignment of 2000 words essay writing but I have received very poor quality, even I have told to do rework but after a few days I have received the same grammatical mistakes and that too have poor quality which I feel very unprofessional. The students want their assignment in uphill but they have received worst task by the expert of the company.

Quality Rating 2/10


The reviews say that the pricing is somehow the best service they have ever provided. The booking of the assignment is so easy in this website that you have to submit the assignment type, the number of pages needed to make the assignment and the total number of words needed to make the assignment. As per the reviews of the student seems satisfied with the price service.

Price Rating 6/10


The promise is the important part to run any services. The students make trust in the services when they fulfill the commitment they make to the students. AustralianHelp makes the promise to deliver the assignment on time and quality assurance is also there. This is the fake promise they made because student suffers from the bad quality they deliver. They promise for the 24*7 assistance on live chat but there was no response when the student wants to know the status of assignment. The survival of the company is very difficult if student don’t want to use this service

Promise Rating 3/10

Refund Policy

The refund policy is that stage where student feel secure in terms of money and they feel that the payment is in the right hand but there is no information regarding the refund policy even students don’t understand how they will get their money back. Although student booked their assignment to get the assignment done if in any case, the students don’t want to continue the service then they have a right to get money back which is not mentioned.

Refund Rating 1/10 Students Review

Based on my analysis and reviews on web pages, I would like to suggest you its the matter of your career so think once before choosing this service.

Australian Help Reviews Review Rated 3/10