BigAssignments Review 4.2/10

The BigAssignments Review Analysis

Improvements needed with Experts, And Promise

Expert Information 2.5/10
Quality of Assignment 5/10
Price 5.5/10
Promise 2.5/10
Refund Policy 5.5/10

BigAssignments Review Information

The website seems to deliver only 8 services but when we click the option then we get to know about the writing services they offer to the students. Although as per the BigAssignments Reviews, it seems that the reviews on the website are very good but it is totally opposite to the review outside the website. The website of the company seems very typical. This is not user-friendly. Although the company offers many free services like free plagiarism checker, free title page etc but none of the students is happy with the services they offered. The student even claimed that the company is fake and they offer vague services to the students. The company also provides various discounts on the services but maybe this is the techniques to retain the students. The company fails to deliver the assignment on the given time by the students. Due to this, the students suffer a lot.

BigAssignment Review

Now let’s face the naked truth here.

Expert Information:-

The website sounds that the writer is well qualified and have a high rate. But as per the BigAssignments reviews, ‘’’’ It reveals the different truth. My sister Nila Joshi has booked her HealthCare assignment in this company. She is a Biotech student and she has no time to complete the assignment because she is already involved in different projects. Nila wants her assignment in a perfect way.

She has submitted all her requirements, approaches, designs, and previous work of same assignment within the deadline of 7 days. After providing all the information she received a call from customer support before 2 days of submission and the lady told her that expert is unable to understand the requirements. Nila was amazed by heard these lines. She again explains all the things but what she received in the solution is terrible. The expert failed to follow the approaches and did the assignment in a very unprofessional manner. This type of inexperienced expert the company has hired.

BigAssignments Review Expert Rating 2.5/10

Quality of Assignments

The expert provides the good quality only for that assignment which is very simple and easy to attempt, they failed to prove the experience in a high standard assignment.  Many of my friends booked the assignment form this company but the shocking news is that no one gives the best review for the quality of assignment. Many of them received good quality only in simple essay writing or basic requirements of the assignment. But students never expected a high standard from this company.

Quality Rating 5/10


When you visit the website there is a section of pricing where you can check the price details and a form to fill the requirements details of the assignment. No doubt the price depends on a number of things. Like the number of word count, subjects, assignment type, complexity, and deadline. After checking all the things they will display the price. As per the BigAssignments Reviews, I have analyzed that the price is a little bit high as compared to other sites but it is bearable and easy to book the assignment. I have found this section is easy to understand and attempt. Nila also found the price is good and bearable by the students. But what the results she got by paying so much of high payment.

Price Rating 5.5/10


The students always want the same solution as expected. But the bad thing is that the expert failed to fulfill the expectation. At the time of booking company always make the high promises. BigAssignments reviews sound that they never fulfill the promises they made at the time of booking. They have completed the assignment with the low level of experts. The review of experts is also fake. They never provide 24*7 services to the student. Most of the time the company disconnected the chat. That’s the reason for the shortfall in the rating of BigAssignment

Promise Rating 2.5/10

Refund Policy

I have an analysis that the company has mentioned a proper Refund Policy to the students. The refund policy seems good to understand. They also make a promise to give the money back. This service is also very important to make the trust of the students. But as per the BigAssignments Reviews the student request for money back but they refused and try to compensate it. Nila also didn’t get money back after receiving such a pathetic work. But some of the students got their money back in case if they themselves refused to work.

Refund Policy Rating 5.5/10 Students Review

I would like to suggest that it’s the matter of career, not the money. No one has the right to play with someone’s career. Think once before using the service.

BigAssignment review Review Rated 4.2/10