CallTutors Review 2.4/10

The CallTutors Review Analysis

Improvements needed with Experts, Quality, Refund Policy, and PROMISE

Expert Information 2/10
Quality of Assignment 2/10
Price 5/10
Promise 2/10
Refund Policy 1/10

CallTutors Review Information

The website of the CallTutors seems that it provides too many services to the students. You can check the services there. As per my CallTutors Reviews analysis company provide almost all the services and have hired the Ph.D. qualified experts to do the quality work. The students give their personal experiences while utilizing the services. Some students feel happy and satisfied while other students feel regret by using the services of the website.
When you will visit the website you have to submit the assignment details in the description and fill your personal information as well. One of my friend suggested me to use this service as I am working in an Australian company and I have to go to the other country to attend the conference which is very important meanwhile I also opt for MBA degree in which I have to submit the 3rd semester assignment That’s why I have no time to complete my assignment and have no option other than choosing this services.

I don’t understand how my friend feels satisfied with the service as I have received a pathetic assignment solution.

Call tutors Review
Look out my personal experience with this company:-

Expert Information:-

The CallTutors hired the best-qualified experts to do the high-level assignment but when I have booked my assignment, the expert failed to understand the requirements and one girl called me to know the requirements. No doubt I have submitted full requirements and approaches to complete the assignment. After so many discussions on requirements, I got the assignment with poor work. The expert failed to do the assignment as per the approaches and marking criteria. Even I have booked for 2500 words but I have received only 2200 words. I don’t understand how the Ph.D. qualified expert does this type of silly mistake.

CallTutors Review Expert Rating 2/10

Quality Rating

As discussed above the quality of assignment is so poor that I feel regret after checked the solution. The expert did a lot of grammatical and punctuation error. After submitting my assignment again to recheck, I hope that this time maybe I will get good work but again the same mistake done by an expert and finally I re-correct it by myself. To raise the high marks in university I have to submit the high quality of paper but I have received only passing marks in my university which felt me ashamed.

Quality Rating 2/10


Being a Marketing student I am mature enough to understand the price structure of services. After comparing so many of websites I feel that the price structure is relatively good and the students received the work at a reasonable price. As the reviews also said that no one has the problem with price structure. However, the price depends upon the number of things like word count, complexity and requirements of paper. But after making payment, I have also right to receive the best quality work which I didn’t receive.

Price Rating 5/10


The promise makes the company more trustable and customer retention is also high. Some of the students feel happy as maybe they will get as per the expectation but if I am talking about all those students and myself then I would like to suggest that the CallTutors is not trustable as it seems. The raking of this company in Google is also not high. The services they offered me is totally unpredictable and I am not going to use this service again. The company promises that they will provide the best quality in the given time period which is also fake. How can I make trust while I have received such a pathetic work.

Promise Rating 2/10

Refund Policy

The website has no information regarding the refund policy. As in the website, there is the option of payment but I didn’t find any option of the refund policy. If the company is genuine then there must be refund policy and based on that the students feel comfortable before making payment. I would like to suggest think once again before using this service.

Refund Rating 1/10 Students Review

Based on my personal experience I would like to give the overall CallTutors Review is 3/10

calltutor review Review Rated 3/10