EliteAssignmentHelp Review 3/10

The EliteAssignmentHelp Review Analysis

Improvements needed with Experts, Quality, Refund Policy, and PROMISE

Expert Information 2.5/10
Quality of Assignment 2.5/10
Price 5/10
Promise 3/10
Refund Policy 2/10

EliteAssignmentHelp Review Information

EliteassignmentHelp is a UK based writing services. As per the website, it seems that they provide a wide range of services to the students but the main point is to provide all the services in the same way as expected by the students. The reviews of students sound differently for this company. The students faced many types of a problem by using this service. Some of my friends faced a delivery issue of the assignment, while some faced the quality issue. Their expectation is different and what they got is different. Making a lot of promise to run the company is not a solution. To fulfill that promise is the biggest thing.  As per my analysis of EliteAssignmentHelp Review, some students feel happy as they have received good work but many of the students felt that they never want to use this service again to do the assignment.

EliteAssignmentHelp review

Expert Information:-

As per the website, the company has highly qualified experts. I have booked my own assignment which is of the biology of 2000 words write-up in addition to the calculation efforts of drawings. I have mentioned my all requirements very clearly and mentioned the approaches to do the assignment but what I have got is terrible. The Ph.D. experts failed to understand the real requirements of the assignment and even don’t follow the approaches to do the assignment. How is it possible for such highly qualified experts to complete the assignment in such poor quality.

EliteAssignmentHelp Review Expert Rating 2.5/10

Quality Rating

I am a Biotech student of Australian University the level of quality should be high and very professional. But I have received the assignment of a low standard which is very unprofessional. I feel so regret to choose this service for my assignment. My friend suggested me to use this service as she makes her assignment from EliteAssignmentHelp and unfortunately received good quality because she booked for 500 words simple essay writing. So it’s easy for an expert to provide good quality. That means the expert shows fake qualification as they even don’t know how to write papers.

Quality Rating 2.5/10


The price depends on a number of things. I have no problem with price structure as I know that my assignment is highly complex and needs more professional writers but what I have received by paying such a high amount is very terrible. Being a student to make the payment is very difficult but after payment work done is so poor that it is not bearable.

Price Rating 5/10


The promise is everything to make a trust to the students but if the company fails to fulfill the promise than it is impossible to make the trust. The company promises to do the assignment by Ph.D. writers but this was not so as the quality is very poor and of low standard. They promise to available 24*7 but the chat always disconnected and I have again explained all the things to the new customer support which is very irritating.

Promise Rating 3/10

Refund Policy

The company didn’t mention any refund policy. The assignment is always in risk whether the company provides the solution or not. The refund policy is just security through which any students make trust in the company and make themselves ready to invest without any fear. I am not saying that I have booked my assignment for a refund but I have no any security of money in the hand of this company because when I want my money back due to the poor quality of task they refused and again did the rework but again they give me the same task without any modification.

Refund Rating 2/10

EliteAssignmentHelp.com Students Review

I would like to suggest you all what I did the mistake without thinking once before making payment. Beware not to do like this. You must think once before choosing this company.

EliteAssignmentHelp.com Review Rated 3/10