EssayAssignmentHelp Review 2.4/10

The EssayAssignmentHelp Review Analysis

Improvements needed with Quality, Price, Refund Policy and PROMISE

Expert Information 4/10
Quality of Assignment 2/10
Price 2/10
Promise 3/10
Refund Policy 1/10

EssayAssignmentHelp Review Information

As per the website, we have analyzed that they serve many students from all over the world and hired many experts to provide quality work but the thing is that the reviews of students reveal the different truth which creates dilemma to choose this writing service company. But through the discussed points may clear you before choosing this service. The experts did not give the 100% plagiarised work and students got the assignment in which there is a lot of grammatical error. However, the website is neatly designed. Not to forget that there is a lot of writing services which provides all the facilities but what matters is the result when the assignment is hand over to the students. As per the EssayAssignmenthelp Reviews, they cannot assist you with all the type of assignments you are looking for. They are majorly known by essay assignment which provides only simple article writing services. As the reviews say that the company provides the services of other subjects as well but they assist you for basics requirements. Here are more EssayAssignmentHelp Reviews of students who are suffered from this website.

Essayassignmenthelp reviews

Expert Information:-

The company hired the highly qualified experts to provide the best services but the reviews said that the experts have lack of knowledge of subjects as they failed to understand the complications of assignments. My friend Lena student of the University of Melbourn booked the chemistry assignment in which 2500 write-up and you need to solve some chemical reactions as well. But the Ph.D. experts even don’t understand how to solve the reactions and they provided the wrong result. However, I would like to suggest that if you need to do simple essay writing or article writing services then somehow they provide good quality but in high-level assignments, they are very bad at work.

EssayAssignmentHelp Review Experts Rating- 3/4 4/10

Quality Rating

The quality not provided as per the expectation. The experts have a lack of knowledge of grammar and punctuations. The quality always results in the high marks in the assignment although the websites tell that EssayAssignmentHelp is confident enough from the mentioned positive reviews by students in the website. But it is generally mentioned in all the writing services. The right reviews are displayed in other web pages which are based on the personal experience of my friends. The student told that they never use the service as the company is totally scam.

Quality Rating 2/10


You will get the assignment price by submitting your assignment details and then they will give you the quotation for that assignment. The price is a little bit high as compared to the other websites, They charged 50$ for the 500 words simple essay writing task after giving discount whereas the other websites charged 30$ for 500 words essay writing task. This will create differences in the thoughts of students as well. Being a student it is very difficult to manage such a high payment but after pay that much of high price the expectation of quality is also at a high level. But the company failed to meet that expectation.

Price Rating 2/10


If the company makes a commitment then they are bound to fulfill that responsibility so that the customer retention is high. But as per the reviews, the students shared the view that the EssayAssignmentHelp makes a high level of promises but what they have received is totally different. The company makes promises that they provide 24*7 services on live chat but after explaining all the issues to one person the chat is disconnected and the other one picked the chat this will create the panic situation for students. The students agreed that they have received the assignments in the given delivery time but the assignment has too many mistakes and again I have to submit it for revision work.

Promise Rating 3/10

Refund Policy

The company didn’t mention any refund policy on the website which will create the insecureness of money. Once you have done the payment you will feel the insecurity of money whether they will refund money or not if the assignment is not properly completed. As per the student experienced they didn’t get their money back. I would like to suggest think once before using this service.

Refund Rating 1/10 Students Review

As per the analysis and the students’ review, I would like to suggest to think once before choosing this service.

essayAssignmentHelp review Review Rated 2.4/10