EssayOnTime Review 2/10

The EssayOnTime Review Analysis

Improvements needed with Experts, Quality, Refund Policy, and PROMISE

Expert Information 2/10
Quality of Assignment 1/10
Price 5/10
Promise 2/10
Refund Policy 1/10

EssayOnTime Review Information

There are a lot of services available when you take a look on the website. These include academic writing services, such as report writing, dissertations, and book reports. You can also have other kinds of writing done, such as scholarship essays and business plans. They are basically famous for the essay writing services. The students did not have more choices to book from this site. When the website is open there is a form to submit the assignment after that you have to go through the 4 stages of assignment cycle. As per the website, the company has completed many orders and many more are preparing, But the Essayontime Reviews out of the websites reveal that the student is not satisfied with the work they deliver. Some claims that the writers are not educated enough while some say that the quality of the assignment is very poor.
essayontime review

Let’s lookout:-

Expert Information:-

As per the website the EssayOntime will help those who are struggling with time or have difficulty completing their custom essays, coursework, research papers, thesis, or even dissertation. Although the expert plays a most important role in an assignment because either they will provide the good quality or bad quality it’s all depend upon their experience and knowledge. My friend got the factually incorrect assignment I couldn’t believe this was meant to be a professional essay writing service, as it looked like it had all been copy and pasted from other websites and from incorrect sources. The expert is not capable to provide the good quality of task. The expert even doesn’t understand the marking criteria of the university and provided the irrelevant task.

EssayOnTime Expert Rating 2/10

Quality Rating

The quality that the expert provided is not up to the mark. They provided the assignment with full of grammatical errors and copied content from various sources. The main problem seems that some writers aren’t a native writer, means their essays were most of the times of a lower quality than expected. I have booked my one assignment of essay writing which is of 1500 words and also give all the approaches to follow but what I have received is totally different from the original requirements. The expert ignores the marking criteria. I have decided not to book any of the assignment from them.

Quality Rating 1/10


The price is depending upon a number of the things. However, this website is not so transparent in terms of pricing but the price is not so high. By comparing the different website as per the analysis of my friends’ reviews I can say that the price is affordable to students. The price is depending upon the number of pages, deadline, and complexity. If the deadline is nearer than you have to pay more and if the deadline is longer than the price is low.

Price Rating 5/10


The promise of being committed towards work is the medicine to retain the numbers of students but if you failed to stand on your promise it will lead to losing your customer the same thing applies for this company as well. The EssayOnTime has no update of current technology used to make the assignment. The 24*7 service is also failed as the chat is not connected properly and every time it shows retry. The ranking of this company in Google is also not high. The company promises that they will give the best quality of assignment which is also fake. The promise to serve the writing with the best content is also not fulfilled as always they serve with bad quality and full of grammatical errors.

Promise Rating 2/10

Refund Policy

The website has no information regarding the refund policy. All the company must include the refund policy As in the website, there is the option of payment but I didn’t find any option of the refund policy. If the company is genuine then there must be refund policy and based on that the students feel comfortable before making payment. I am requesting for money back but they give the money back in my wallet which is of no use. Moreover, I don’t want to ruin my career again.

I would like to suggest think once again before using this service.

Refund Rating 1/10 Students Review

I would like to suggest that this review may help all of the students to choose the right writing service.

Essayontime review Review Rated 2/10