ExcellentAssignmentHelp Review 3/10

The ExcellentAssignmentHelp Review Analysis

Improvement Needed with Expert, Quality, Price, Promise and Refund

Expert Information 3/10
Quality of Assignment 2.3/10
Price 4.2/10
Promise 3.5/10
Refund Policy 2.1/10

ExcellentAssignmentHelp Review Information

The website design is very simple and easy to understand. But as per the website, it seems that the company offers very limited services to their students. They are not offering a wide range of services. As per the ExcellentAssignmentHelp Review, the students find a little bit difficult to access particular subjects due to the limitation of services. The website seems promotional and promoted the offers to the students so that the student feels attractive towards the website. However, the students never go for any writing services until and unless they feel any need for any guidance in an emergency situation.
In the same way, my friend Shobita searches for the best writer to complete the Migration law assignment. As the name of the website includes the excellent that’s why it looks attractive. My friend is busy with their family because there were mis-happening occur in their family. She is busy to support their family member and forgot the assignment. When she realized that the assignment submission date will be closer than she was looking for help and finally submit her assignment in this company. Now let’s check what the experience of her assignment journey.

Expert Information:-

There was no information regarding the expert information on the website. The expert is not experienced enough in this field as the team needs more time to allocate the expert as per the assignment. My friend has only 2 days but the team spends 1 day in searching for the expert only. After 1-day shobita got the notification of expert working on the assignment. When she again want to know the status there was a call regarding the extension of the deadline. Shobita was confirmed that she is going to lose her marks because of late submission. She allowed 1 more day and she was totally blank what’s going on with her assignment. Finally, after 26hrs, the expert submitted the assignment which

ExcellentAssignmentHelp Review Expert Rating 3/10

Quality Rating

The quality of the assignment was not uphill. There were a lot of grammatical errors. The assignment seems of a very low standard. The experts did all the requirements but not in an organized way. The expert failed to understand the marking criteria and did the assignment in a very unprofessional manner. As per the ExcellentAssignmentHelp Review, the students have very bad reactions to the quality of the assignment.

Quality Rating 2.3/10


The website dedicated that it charges very low cost as compared to any other. They will count 250 words for one page. After the submission of all the requirements, the company will quote accordingly. The price depends on a number of factors like assignment type, complexity, deadline, and word count. Many of the students feel that the price is a little bit high as compared to the other websites. Shobita has no problem with the price factor, but she didn’t receive the good quality as per the price she paid.

Price Rating 4.2/10


The company promises a lot of things to their students but failed to fulfill all the commitment. They failed to deliver the assignment on time. They failed to deliver the best quality within a given time period. However, the customer services are good and they always respond on time but when it’s the matter of assignment status they respond very slowly. The company provides many extra services like unlimited revision, Impressive guarantee and customer support. These are all good but these are not very impressive services.

Promise Rating 3.5/10

Refund Policy

There is no specified condition to give a refund to students but the company mentioned that they will give the money back if students are not satisfied. But after asking for Refund Company try to compensate the matter and close the conversation without solving the student query.

Refund Rating 2.1/10

ExcellentAssignmentHelp.com Review

Based on my analysis and my friend experience, I would like to suggest that never use that service which doesn’t deserve you.

excellent Assignment Help review

ExcellentAssignmentHelp.com Review Rated 3/10