ExpertAssignmentHelp Review 4.9/10

The ExpertAssignmentHelp Review Analysis

Improvement Needed with Expert, Quality,and Promise

Expert Information 4/10
Quality of Assignment 5.5/10
Price 6.2/10
Promise 4/10
Refund Policy 5/10

ExpertAssignmentHelp Review Information

The website design was good and user-friendly. But the design seems very childish and not professional. Although the company offers many services to their students and they easily approach their websites. The company gives the free Turnitin report which is the best part because the university didn’t allow the plagiarism assignment. One of my friend working in a company and he is completed his Mechanical Engineering course as well. He didn’t have enough time to complete his assignment on time and he wants the experienced writer who is capable enough to do the assignment. By seeing the company website it looks great and he is ready to use the service but as per the experience of my friend and ExpertAssignmentHelp Review analysis, the students are not satisfied enough from the service. Let’s discuss the experience.

ExpertAssignmentHelp Review

Expert Information:-

The company hired the Ph.D. level experts to do the assignment of students. But expert seems not highly experienced in the work. As my friend want the assignment best but expert failed to answer all the questions. The requirement is about to answer all 5 questions but the expert answers only 3 answers and failed to answer the 2 more questions which not a professional manner is. My friend booked his assignment of 3000 words for 5 questions and he needs answers within 3000 words but expert want to take more 2000 words to answer 2 more questions which is not allowed in university. After explaining all the things he gave the solution of 3000 words for 3 questions only without my approval.

ExpertAssignmentHelp Review Expert Rating 4/10

Quality Rating

The quality of the assignment was good. My friend received only 3 question which is of good quality but the missed ofquestionsion is not a right way to deal with the assignment. As per the ExpertAssignmentHelp Review, the student have a lot of complain fan or expert. Even the 2000+ expert are Ph.D. qualified but they failed to give the proper presentation of assignment. The quality raise the marks the of assignment but they provide the average quality of assignment. Even some of the students satisfied with the quality of essay or simple article assignment.
That means experts have experience only in basic requirements not for all the level of education

Quality Rating 5.5/10


The right-hand side is a form, to fill the requirements and submit your task. Then they will quote accordingly. They give different mode for payment. The price depends an on a number of the factors like assignment type, word count, deliver time and these entire all depend on the payment. They offer the discount for the or loyal customer as well. As per the ExpertAssignmentHelp Review, some of the students claim that the company needs only money. They give the high quote as per the other websites.
My friend finds the price affordable for his assignment. But he pays for all 5 questions but expert give only 3 questions

Price Rating 6.2/10


The company failed to promise all the promises. They give the free rework but rework seems not effective when my friend want rework they again give the same assignment. The company offers the discount facility for students which are good enough. The promise of giving full task also failed from my friends of the point. If you can’t do that then you must inform as soon as possible but they didn’t inform for it and did only 3 questions. After claiming for the same they give excuses and want 3more days to find another expert. My friend already lost the marks and after 3 days there was no submission in university.

Promise Rating 4/10

Refund Policy

The company gabe the refund policy in the website which is based on a number of the conditions. The student got a refund in the wallet nly. Some of the students said that they are applying for a refund but didn’t get money back after 1 month as well. The company promise that they will give the refund. If they really do so then its good enough.

Refund Rating 5/10 Students Review

Based on my analysis its better if you will choose any other service. Don’t take a risk with your career. Review Rated 4.9/10