ExpertsMind Review 3.2/10

The ExpertsMind Review Analysis

Improvement Needed with Expert, Quality, Price, Promise, and Refund

Expert Information 2.5/10
Quality of Assignment 2.5/10
Price 4/10
Promise 4.5/10
Refund Policy 2/10

ExpertsMind Review Information

The website seems that the company provided limited services to their students. The company also promises a lot of things with their students but the ExpertsMind Review of students reveals the different things and students didn’t seem happy with the services. The website display that the students are satisfied which also seems false information as per the web pages review. There are only 5 steps to get the assignment done. No doubt there is the bundle of writing service available in the web pages and they all commit for the different services. In the same, this company also committed to providing the best quality of assignment which is not true as per the student’s review. My friend also traps in this commitment and booked the Research assignment of 1500 words on the website.

ExpertsMind Review

Expert Information:-

The company didn’t provide any expert information on the website. So the students are not sure about the expert qualification. The company provides the services to ask any queries from the expert at the time of filling the form. But the bad thing is that you have to ask the query of 100 words only not more than this. My friend Gabriel suffered a lot in the journey of assignments. He has submitted the assignment and paid the high price for the premium assignment but the experts are not efficient enough to get the assignment done. The experts failed to complete Primary research with full facts and figures. The primary researches are not based on the strong facts which make the assignment week.
Even My friend submitted the approaches to help the experts but the expert failed to get the points. It seems that experts are new in this field and didn’t have experienced.

ExpertsMind Review Expert Rating 2.5/10

Quality Rating

The quality was average and the presentation of data was not good. The assignment seems that was randomly written and have a lot of grammatical errors. My friends submitted the assignment by correcting all the errors. Even the standard of the assignment looked like a schooling level. The information of experts was missed in the company. As per the ExpertsMind Review, the students are dissatisfied with the quality of assignments. My friend submitted the assignment again to get the better work but he again received the same work without any improvement.

Quality Rating 2.5/10


The company didn’t provide any information regarding the price structure of the assignment. The student didn’t get any idea regarding the price. There is only one option to know the price is to submit the assignment details and then the team quote the price as per the requirements. There is no transparency. My friends booked the assignment at a high price but after comparing the price with other students assignment mentioned in the reviews, he gets to know that he paid the high price which is very unprofessional.

Price Rating 4/10


No-doubt customer support is good enough and is always ready to help you. They updated the assignment status from time to time. They also reach in whenever they need any help. Communication skill is also good. The company is good enough to give the assignment on time but most important is that the quality of assignment which is very poor. My friend has lost his marks due to the bad quality of the assignment and a lot of grammatical errors.
The company failed to fulfill all the commitments they did with the students. The rework service is also not so good.

Promise Rating 4.5/10

Refund Policy

There is no refund policy mentioned in the website and after asking they said that they will do a refund. This one is also a false promise. As my friend is asking for a refund but the company try to compensate the matter and completely ignored

Refund Rating 2/10 Students Review

Based on my analysis and my friend’s experience I would like to suggest to go for another writing service rather make a bad choice.

ExpertsMind Review Review Rated 3.2/10