GoAssignmentHelp Review 3.7/10

The GoAssignmentHelp Review Analysis

Improvement Needed with Expert, Quality, Promise, and Refund

Expert Information 3.5/10
Quality of Assignment 3/10
Price 6/10
Promise 4/10
Refund Policy 2/10

GoAssignmentHelp Review Information

The website seems good with a lot of services offered by the company to their students. The company served a lot of students and hired high qualified experts to complete the assignment. There are three processes the company is working. The first is to submit the requirement, second is the payment and third is the receiving of the solution. However, the GoAssignmentHelp Review out of the website is very poor, the students are not satisfied with the service they are provided. It is beyond our thinking that the company display that 35000+ students are satisfied, It totally seems fake information. You can check the reviews of web pages “studydemic.com/goassignmenthelp-com-au-review/” then how the company will claim that they have provided the best assignment and the students are satisfied.
I have booked my own assignment of Nursing here and I realized how pathetic experience it was.

GoAssignmentHelp Review

Expert Information:-

There are 20,000+ experts working in this company but you didn’t get any information of experts on the websites. May be the company provide the fake information to us. My friend booked the assignment of Civil Eng of 4000 words of deadline 2days. It was related to designing. There was no update within 36hrs regarding assignment then again my friend connect with them to get the update they told that the expert needs sample files of your previous work. The expert failed to understand the requirements of the assignment. If there were more than 15000 experts then how is it possible that no one can understand the requirement and after time passed they said to provide the samples.
I don’t think so that the writers are efficient enough.

GoAssignmentHelp Review Expert Rating 3.5/10

Quality Rating

After extending 2 more days they provide me the solution which was terrible. The assignment was of very low quality and the representation was very poor. The designs were not properly created. The measurement was not proper and they were irregular. He was now totally panic how I can submit this type of assignment to the university. He was totally afraid that already I have lost my marks and now this assignment will definitely going to failed my friend.
May the experts are not efficient and qualified enough. They have simply completed the essay assignment. The GoAssignmentHelp Review reveals that there are few school level students who are satisfied with their assignment. But my friend experience was very poor

Quality Rating 3/10


The price seems good and affordable. Some students said that no it is a little bit high but my analysis said that students have no problem with the price factor. It will give you a discount when you will inquiry for the same while booking. My friend also negotiates with them. This negotiation takes the level down of this company. The students who are not good at understanding the price strategy than this is very unfair with them. Otherwise, the price factor seems good enough.

Price Rating 6/10


The promise has no shadow in this company. They make and display many things for the student but they do only 10-20% for them. My friend again submits the assignment but it has no such improvement and finally, he submit the solution as it is in the university after giving the penalty for late submission as well. The customer support is also not very effective in passing the service. Every time the chat was disconnected and the employee was new. You have to explain every time to the team member for their issue. This was so irritating. The company provides the discount and the price is also not very high. As per the GoAssignmentHelp Review, the students are waiting for the perfect solution, not for the price and all the things.

Promise Rating 4/10

Refund Policy

There was no refund policy mentioned on the website. My friend wants the money back because he didn’t get any service from this company. The company tries to compensate the matter but my friend was very upset and angered. He refused to manage anything. At last the company also refused to give the money back by explaining the nonsense conditions.

Refund Rating 2/10

GoAssignmentHelp.com Students Review

Based on my analysis and my friend’s poor experience with this company. I want to suggest you that there are many writing services which will provide the best solution. You can check in my other post and find out the best writing service for you.

GoAssignmentHelp.com Review Rated 3.7/10