GotoAssignmentHelp Review 1.8/10

The GotoAssignmentHelp Review Analysis

Improvements needed with Quality, Price, Refund Policy and PROMISE

Expert Information 1/10
Quality of Assignment 2/10
Price 2.5/10
Promise 1/10
Refund Policy 2.5/10

GotoAssignmentHelp Review Information

As per the website, they are providing 100% satisfaction to the customer but as per the reviews and my research, it seems that student doesn’t want to use their services because they are unsatisfied. The company challenge that they are providing unlimited revisions but the result is doing the same mistakes again and again, therefore, there is no use of revisions of the task. According to the GotoAssignmentHelp Reviews, some students claim that they even not refunded the money by giving excuses which are a totally unprofessional way to deal. They provided the guaranty of confidentiality and secured payment which is a positive side but it hardly matters if the student not satisfied with the work of the company. The site does not seem to deliver the high standard paper to the students. It seems that it provides basically essay and simple article writing services in an efficient way. My friend told me the entire scenario he faced through the journey of his assignment done by this company.

GotoAssignmenthelp Review

Expert Information:-

Although the company hired the Ph.D. writers. As per the reviews the writers failed to deliver the high educational level subjects. My friend told me that he booked the Marketing assignment with 3000 words write-up by doing SWOT/ PERT analysis.H e has mentioned the marking criteria as well but the writer “John Mutiso” who worked in this assignment failed to understand the basics requirements of the task and did all the wrong paper. After claiming the writer again revises the task and again does the same mistake which is an unprofessional way to deal. The Ph.D. level writers even not understand the approaches to complete the assignment.

GotoAssignmentHelp Review Expert Rating- 3/4 1/10

Quality Rating

The quality matters a lot for every student because it will raise the marks of assignment. Past students claim that they haven’t received the quality of assignment as per expectation. The quality is of the low standard even some of the students claimed that they have received high plagiarised work. After booking the assignment by paying such a price the students received only passing marks from the university which is of no worth.

Quality Rating 2/10


The price seems relatively good. They provide a different price for standard and premium assignment. As we all know that price depends on a number of things like complexity, academic level, a number of words etc but the company didn’t mention the same which is unpredictable because one can’t judge the price by only academic levels of assignments. The price seems partiality.

Price Rating 2.5/10


The company broke all the promises they made so that the students do not seem satisfied with the services. The lack of knowledge of experts leads to demoralized many of the students. Highly plagiarised work received even after the promise of 100% plagiarism free services. They have written that 20% flat discount on 1st order but after booked the order I have realized that the discount is based on some of the terms and conditions. The students claim that this company is totally fake and scam.

Promise Rating 1/10

Refund Policy

They give the secured payment options but not mentioned any refund policy which is not a proper way of dealing. As per the reviews student claim that there is no refund policy and they haven’t received any money. Even the customer support disconnected the chat when the students tried to claim money back. This is not a way to deal with the students. Due to this type of services they offered the student want to switch to the other legit writing service company.

Refund Rating 2.5/10 Students Review

Being a student, I understand the situation of all my friends who suffered a lot in this journey. I would like to suggest to select the best writing services by analyzing all the reviews of the company. Review Rated:- 1.8/10 2.4/10