GradeScout Review 5/10

The GradeScout Review Analysis

Improvement Needed with Expert, Quality, Promise, and Refund

Expert Information 4/10
Quality of Assignment 4.9/10
Price 6.2/10
Promise 5.2/10
Refund Policy 4.5/10

GradeScout Review Information

The website seems good and the company has provided a lot of information about services. They have completed over 20,000 assignments with 400+ experts which seems good result. The average rating was also good. As per the website the company is only focused on essay writing or simple requirement assignment. They are not providing a wide range of services to their students. They basically provided the graduate level writing services. My brother completed the distance post-graduate he was also booked his assignment in this company and have very bad experienced. He said that the company is not able to complete the high standard requirements.
I am pursuing graduation and I want urgent help in my Research Paper. I want to try this writing service once. As per the GradeScout Review, Some of the students feel happy with the services while some claim that the company is fraud and some said that they don’t want to use this service in the future. I have no time to research more on this that’s why booked my assignment with this company

GradsScout Review

Expert Information:-

The expert is highly qualified. The company promises that it will provide unique content. There is testimonial which displays the expert completed order and rating high. The expert who has completed my assignment was not good because my assignment is based on a research paper which will need the primary and secondary research and the expert informed me that he will do only secondary research. I found myself in trouble and then again I have completed the primary research by myself. As per the GradeScout Review, the students are no happy with the expert work. I think that the experts are new in this field and they are not aware of the guidelines of Australian University.

GradeScout Review Expert Rating 4/10

Quality Rating

The quality of the assignment is average. The expert provides the figures and facts of secondary research which is good. There are a lot of grammatical errors in the assignment which I have corrected. The expert did the presentation very well. As per my analysis, I get to know that the expert has only basic knowledge of assignment.

Quality Rating 4.9/10


There are the 3 processes of booking the assignment. At first step, you have to fill the form then choose the writer you want to complete the assignment and in 3rd step, we will get the solution. The price depends on the number of things like complexity of the assignment, deadline and words count. These all decided the price of your assignment. So that I have analyzed that the price is affordable and as per the reviews students have no complaints regarding the price factor

Price Rating 6.2/10


The company promises that they will give all the services to their students. Although they are not providing enough services they try their best to provide complete services. The company seems not very experienced in writing service. The customer support is good as they are available 24*7 services. They provided the update of the assignment. The company failed to provide the best expert for assignment. Even I have got partial work of my assignment. At the last moment, I have to do my assignment by myself. This is not in the professional manner to deal with the task.

Promise Rating 5.2/10

Refund Policy

The company mentioned in the last line that they will do money back to their students if the students are not satisfied but this statement is fake. Because after you have applied for the same they provided a lot of conditions. If you have the same condition then only they refund money. The company said that they will refund on the wallet for future use in the service. This is not the correct way if the students don’t want to continue the service then the money will be totally waste

Refund Rating 4.5/10 Students Review


The company is only good in a simple writing assignment. I would like to suggest to go to other services rather than to choose this service. Review Rated 5/10