LiveWebTutors Review 3/10

The LiveWebTutors Review Analysis

Improvement needed with Quality, Price, Promise and Refund Policy.

Expert Information 5/10
Quality of Assignment 2/10
Price 2/10
Promise 3/10
Refund Policy 3/10

LiveWebTutors Review Information

The growing sector of service this website in one of them. These services provided a range of assignments whether it is a dissertation, proofreading, book reports services etc. As per the analysis, they provided the limited services as compared to other writing services industry. As per the website, they will give 100% assistance but however, the reviews of my friends reveal that this service is total wastage of money and time. No doubt some students are happy while some feel that this service is a scam. Some students didn’t get their money back. Through this research medium, I hope that LiveWebTutors Review are useful for everyone who are looking for legit writing services.

LivewebtutorsOnline review

Expert Information:-

The LiveWebTutors provided almost all the services and deal in 10 subjects which are of majorly used by students. As per the reviews, the experts are not experienced enough to do the assignment, They failed to provide the good quality of the paper. However they are good enough for the deadline, the analysis of student reviews reveals that they got their draft on time and received the assignment before delivered time which is good but with the deadline you have to take care of quality as well. However, maybe there is a shortage of engineering experts as well. The experts are qualified enough and according to one of my friends she booked the finance assignment as the company claimed that they have high qualified finance experts but the expert failed to answer 1st-year basic finance multiple choice paper. According to the reviews, some of the students are very satisfied with experts work but some claimed that they ruin the career.

LiveWebTutors Review Expert Rating- 3/4 5/10

Quality Rating

The Quality of content must be rich for every student so that the student start to trust to your company and want to do the assignment from you only but as per the LiveWebTutors reviews the student claim that when it comes to the quality the expert ruin the assignment and they don’t understand what the rich content is and how the assignment is written. Even the livewebtutors display a range of samples and their samples were average in quality. They bid that their success rate is 97% but however the students are not satisfied with this service due to the bad quality they offer.

Quality Rating 2/10


There is no transparency in pricing as there is no information regarding the price of the website. But yes there is the offer page you can check the offers but for the discount coupons, you have to take it from the live chat. Thus the pricing system is very complicated and there is lack of information of quotation of assignment although the price is based on your assignment details and word counts, therefore, to know the quotation here you have to enter your personal detail and email address, which is not so effective.

Price Rating 2/10


The company makes a lot of commitment with us, but the reviews say that they don’t even understand the meaning of promise and how to fulfill the commitment so that the student get whatever they have expected. They promise to deliver the high-quality assignment but they failed to deliver, They promise that they provide 24*7 assistance but there are limited ways to contact the company as the only way is to do the live chat with customer support and customer support are really helpful to solve the issue however they are very slow in response

Promise Rating 3/10

Refund Policy

The refund policy is very bad as there is no such information on the website but as per the reviews I have found that many of the students suffer due to the investing money in such services. The reviews display that the company failed to provide the quality work and refused to pay the money back. Some of the students mentioned that they Paid $50 for a solution for an accounting problem and the answers were wrong. The company denied paying the money back. This is a very unprofessional manner to run this service

Refund Rating 3/10 Students Review

Based on my analysis and by going through the reviews of students I would like to warn you, to think once before using the company services Review Rated:- 3/10 3/10