MakeMyAssignments Review 3/10

The MakeMyAssignments Review Analysis

Improvement Needed with Expert, Quality, Promise, and Refund

Expert Information 2.5/10
Quality of Assignment 2.5/10
Price 5.5/10
Promise 3.5/10
Refund Policy 4/10

MakeMyAssignments Review Information

The website design didn’t seem very impressive and user experience also seems very bad. The best thing is that the company provide the services in a different region. The company covers almost all the region of different countries. The student can access the services anywhere. It seems an advantage for any students. The experts rated full by the company side which depicts the false information. The company provided a lot of add on services to their students. But students are not satisfied with the services provided by the company. As per the MakeMyAssignments reviews “” the students have a lot of complaint regarding this service.
I would like to share my friend Shein experience with this company. She has booked an accounting assignment with this company as there was some mis-happening in her house that’s why not able to complete the assignment. She finally books the Accounting assignments of 3000 words efforts with this company.

MakeMyAssignment Review

Expert Information:-

There were a lot of experts in this company. The accounting experts who did the Shein assignment is not experienced. He has no idea of University guideline and he is not capable enough to complete the assignment on time. Shein have only 6hrs to do the assignment, so she paid more money for her assignment but experts did it in 12 hrs and shein lost the marks for late submission. The experts even did the wrong answer in one of the questions and again shein have to submit the assignment to do rework and then expert completed the assignment and send to shein.

MakeMyAssignments Review Expert Rating 2.5/10

Quality Rating

The quality of the assignment is very poor. There was a lot of grammatical mistake in the assignment. Shein again re-corrected all the answers. The experts did not present the assignment in an organized way and the work seems very poor. This is not a professional way to complete the assignment. The marking criteria include the marks of quality of assignment. As per the MakeMyAssigments Review, the students suffer a lot in lost the marks for quality of content.

Quality Rating 2.5/10


The price of assignments depends on a number of factors like complexity, assignment type, and word count and delivery date. Shein has to give more prices to complete the assignment because the delivery time is very less. Although the price seems lower than any other web pages services. 12$ per page which is lower and easily affordable by students. But the main thing is that the price is the other factor but getting the assignment done is the real motive.

Price Rating 5.5/10


The company provides a lot of services to its students. There are many services available on the web pages which promises to their students but failed to deliver all the services. The company delivers rich content to their students. Shein got only passing marks in their assignment. The company failed to deliver the assignment on the given time due to which she has to pay penalty for late submission. The customer support has also lack communication skill. There were always server problem and chat disconnected. Every time you have to give an explanation to the new customer team about your query. This was really very irritating. The company provided the discount and also help you to know the offers and many more things. The great thing is that confidentiality. The company always keep information confidential and secure.

Promise Rating 3.5/10

Refund Policy

The company mentions the refund policy but it is depended on the number of conditions. If you really fall in those conditions than they give the money back guarantee in the wallet. If the student doesn’t want to continue the service than there was no option for them.

Refund Rating 4/10 Students Review

Based on my analysis and my friend’s experience I would like to suggest that don’t take a risk with your career. There is a bundle of services available on the web pages you can search for that to complete the assignment.

MakeMyAssignment Review Review Rated 3/10