MGMcoach Review 3/10

The MGMcoah Review Analysis

Improvement Needed with Expert, Quality, Price, Promise, and Refund

Expert Information 3/10
Quality of Assignment 2.5/10
Price 4/10
Promise 4/10
Refund Policy 2/10

MGMcoach Review Information

The website seems that the company has provided a lot of services to their students. The company gives different writing services like essay, homework. Thesis, research paper etc. The company didn’t provide any information related to their experts and didn’t show any graphs of delivered ordered of assignment. This depicts that the customer didn’t give the relevant information to their students. The reviews on the website are very good but the MGMcoach review on the other web pages shows that the students are not satisfied with the services they are providing.
I need urgent help on my Programming Assignment. Actually, I am stuck in calculations work. I have booked my assignment in this company and what I actually received is very terrible. I have decided to share my experience with you all.

MGMcoach Review

Expert Information:-

First of all, there is no information available on the websites for experts. I have never booked any assignment with the writing service. It was my first experience. After submitting all the requirements of the assignment, I have received the price quote which I feel that it’s more than enough. The expert has many questions regarding my assignment. The bulshit thing is that the expert didn’t open my file what I have submitted. The expert asked for sample file which I have already submitted in the file. Then again expert asked for the process which is also submitted in the file. I have already provided the approach which needs to follow to complete the assignment. The expert who has assigned for my assignment was not experienced enough in this field. How is it possible that the expert who are experienced didn’t check the requirements and he is ready to complete my assignment.

MGMcoach Review Expert Rating 3/10

Quality Rating

The expert provided the poor quality of assignment. After receiving the assignment solution I am going to faint because it’s disgusting that the company provided such a poor quality of low standard work and a lot of grammatical mistakes. I feel awful to submit my assignment in the university. As per the MGMcoach Reviews, the students claimed that the company is fake and didn’t have that much experience in this field. I have again submitted the assignment for rework but again there was no such improvement. Its really very tough moment for me

Quality Rating 2.5/10


Although the price structure depends on a number of things like Assignment Types, complexity, word count and delivers time. These all factors decided the price. I have found that may be the assignment is of high complexity that’s why I have pay more price but when I get to know by one of my friends he said that he paid the low price than me. It’s not a professional manner of any company to make fool to the students.

Price Rating 4/10


The company didn’t fulfill any of the promises with their students. As per the MGMcoach Review, the students said that company makes fake promises with the students that for the wide range of services. The company is not capable enough to provide efficient service. Although the customer support is good and the team members are always ready to help you. The communication skill is also very soft. The company responded on time. These all are impressive. But student needs assignment. I have also got only passing marks in my assignment. I have lost my marks due to late submission as well.

Promise Rating 4/10

Refund Policy

As per the MGMcoach Review, the student claims that they didn’t get money back. I have also applied for the same but the company continuously try to compensate the matter. The company refused to give the money back straight forward.

Refund Rating 2/10 Students Review

Based on my poor experience and analysis of my friend’s review I never suggest anyone use the service. There are many writing services rated high and are good enough to complete your assignment. Review Rated 3/10