MyAssignmentHelp Reviews 3/10

The MyAssignmentHelp Review Analysis

Improvements needed with Quality, Experts, PROMISE and Refund Policy.

Expert Information 3/10
Quality of Assignment 2/10
Price 4/10
Promise 3/10
Refund Policy 3/10

MyAssignmentHelp Review Information

The website seems to serve 200k students who are well satisfied with the work. This means that MAH is one of the best companies but these are not yet been confirmed by all the students who wrote the negative reviews outside the website, because as per the students’ reviews there are many students who suffered because of this company.

Many of the students complain about the bad quality of paper, Many of the students blame that they treat as an unprofessional way, many of the students fail to submit the paper on time and they bear the extra charges for it in university.

As per the analysis, there is a lot of negative MyAssignmentHelp reviews of it. The submission of the assignment process of this website is in 3 steps. In 1st step, we have to fulfill the assignment detail which is necessary to do the assignment but in 2nd step, we have to do the payment which is also the requirement of any service sector to start the work but in 3rd step, the student is suffering to get the assignment on time.

MyAssignmentHelp Review

Now look upon Some of the points before investing in this site

Expert Information:-

In this site, you can see the number of writers with their name and qualification M.A , Ph.D. , MPA etc and their location as well. I don’t know what’s the hiring process of this site but after doing research the student claim that the writer even doesn’t know how to write the dissertation and solve the Accounts problem.

Many times expert fail to understand the real requirements of paper and they create a mess in the assignment which is very unprofessional.

MyAssignmentHelp Review Expert Rating- 3/4 3/10

Quality Rating

The quality of assignment is not up to grade. There is an option to book the assignment in A grade, B grade or C grade and all the grades have different percentage level and differ in price as well. But the point of the student is that if your writer is well qualified then why their quality matters as per the booking of assignment. Although I have booked my assignment in A grade and got the poor percentage in the assignment, from the student point of view it is not right.

Quality Rating 2/10


The MyAssignmentHelp Reviews analysis shows that the price structure is already fixed as per your assignment quality level and requirements from which student seems to agree and find it good but the problem is that when the assignment is booked and payment is done then why the customer support called the student before the task delivering date and request for more payment for the extra efforts. Most of the student claim that it’s not right to bother any student, But as per my analysis they are also the human being and maybe somehow they deal the less word count to complete the assignment as per the requirement so if they need more and it is genuine then it is profitable for the student to get the high marks without any compromise. Even they also help in payment. MyAssignmentHelp start the work in 50% of the payment which is a positive point for the student.

Price Rating 4/10


For any company, the most valuable thing is the commitment because your customer retains when you will fulfill your commitment. As it seems that this site also makes a lot of promises on their website.  Many of the students wrote outside the website that they suffer the exam because of only not submitting the paper on time. The level of quality of assignment is also mean a lot. For any postgraduate students, the quality of the paper is just like as per the school level of paper which seems like illiterate.

Promise Rating 3/10

Refund Policy

When the student heard the Refund Policy of this site they feel satisfied that this site is genuine and they will refund money in case if they don’t like the assignment but as per the student experienced they are wise enough in refunding. As per the MyAssignmentHelp Reviews they keep the assignment pending and put it in rework until and unless the assignment deadline is over. However due to the bad refund policy many of the students not getting their money on time.

Refund Rating 3/10 Students Review

For every student their Deadline, Quality of paper matters a lot.I would like to suggest you to think once before investing. Review Rated:- 3/10 3/10