Ozassignments Review 5.6/10

The Ozassignments Review Analysis

Improvement Needed with Expert, Quality,Promise, and Refund

Expert Information 4.9/10
Quality of Assignment 5.1/10
Price 6/10
Promise 4.8/10
Refund Policy 5/10

Ozassignments Review Information

The website seems very informative and provides a lot of information regarding their services. The website is designed very professionally. It is impressive too. The company is able to provide the help of dissertation, Thesis, Research paper and homework services. The company displays an easy process to get the assignment done. As per the OzAssignments reviews, the services are not clear enough, the company provides the short term assistance and writing services as well. The company said that 97% of students are satisfied which also seems false information. The company have delivered more than 55000 orders; maybe it is possible but not that much true.
I have booked my MBA assignments which are of marketing of 2000 words. I am busy completing my other assignments. The deadline of the assignment is of 2days only that’s why I need urgent help to complete my assignment. Let’s discuss the journey of my assignment.

OZAssignment Review

Expert Information:-

The company has hired 600+ experts to complete the assignment. However, I have submitted the full requirements with the approaches. The team told me that the expert submitted the assignment on the given deadline but I think the expert even don’t start the work yet because after 1 day passed the expert need the sample file to follow. Anyhow, I have arranged it and submitted. Within a few hours, there was a message request for more deadlines. Need 1 day more. It was my crucial situation because if I extended the deadline I would lose the marks. But I have no choice and give more deadlines. I am totally blank what happened with my assignment. Finally expert submitted the solution and it was too late. I think the expert has lack of experience and he even doesn’t know the importance of deadline of assignments.

Ozassignments Review Expert Rating 4.9/10

Quality Rating

The quality was very average and experts did a lot of grammatical errors. I again submitted my assignment and then they finally do the rework to correct my answers. The assignment presentation was also not good enough. I know that I will lose my marks due to the average quality but I have already passed the deadline that’s why didn’t have that much of time to make my assignment in an organized manner. As per the OzAssignment review “bestaustralianwriters.com/ozassignments-com-review/” The quality was not uphill and students didn’t feel satisfied with the work. The experts presented good content only in basics writing or essay writing work.

Quality Rating 5.1/10


The price of assignment depends on the complexity, assignment type, deadline and number of word count. I am well aware of it. No doubt I have no problem with the price. Even the company provides a discount offer as well. The price offer is very reasonable. Students claim that it will be easy if the company provides the price structure of the assignment.

Price Rating 6/10


There is a bundle of writing services available on the internet. They all committed many services provides to their students. The company also fails to fulfill the promises. They didn’t deliver the assignment on time which will lead to losing the marks. As per the OzAssignments review, the quality was also very average. The experts are not able enough to follow the marking criteria. Customer support is good and ready to help you out in every situation. The company provides all the assistance to their students.

Promise Rating 4.8/10

Refund Policy

The company clearly mentioned the refund policy in the websites and they give the money back guaranty. But there are some conditions for money back. Even many students still waiting to received the money.

Refund Rating 5/10

Ozassignments.com Students Review

Based on my analysis and my experience I never suggest anyone use this service for long lasting. It’s better to go for another service in the website.

OZAssignmenthelp review

Ozassignments.com Review Rated 5.6/10