StudentAssignmentHelp Review 4/10

The StudentAssignmentHelp Review Analysis

Improvements needed with Quality, Experts and PROMISE

Expert Information 4/10
Quality of Assignment 3/10
Price 5/10
Promise 3/10
Refund Policy 5/10

StudentAssignmentHelp Review Information

The name of the company is “StudentAssignmentHelp” and their website seems that it serves almost all the services which are necessary to the students but the StudentAssignmentHelp Reviews says that the services are not up to mark. There are many negative reviews I have seen for this company which is not good for their existence. As per the analysis, most of the students received the bad services or response from the company. The assignment procedure is in 3 steps. As they have not mentioned the number of students they are serving and the number of experts working for this company.
StudentAssignmentHelp Review

Let’s lookout:-

Expert Information:-

As per the website, the experts of this company are proficient enough in academic writing and of highly qualified so that they are able to cover the Ph.D. level subjects. But when I have booked my civil engineering assignment for 1500 words write up + calculation efforts for designing, the writer was unable to construct the design as per the requirements and again my assignment was in rework and finally, I have to move to a different company for my assignment.
The StudentAssignmentHelp Reviews also revealed that the writers start to write an assignment without analyzing the exact requirements of paper and finally they will give the bad quality of assignment which degrades the marks of assignment. All though they are qualified enough, however, my concern is to write the assignment by understanding the proper requirement.

StudentAssignmentHelp Review Expert Rating: 4/10

Quality Rating

The quality results into the retention because we as a student book our assignment to receive the high quality work so that we can earn the high marks. But if the quality is poor then there is no need to avail this service.  Maximum of the times the StudentAssignmentHelp failed to provide the best quality work to their students and we finally got only passing marks in the university exam.

One can retain their candidates after providing the best services but as per the website, it seems that they assured for the best quality which is not true. As per the StudentAssignmentHelp Reviews, there are a lot of grammatical mistakes which students themselves corrected

Quality Rating 3/10


The price depends upon the requirements of the assignment. It varies as per the requirements of the task. I have seen that the price is good as per the assignment. Even they provide me with a discount as well. But sometimes they charge more for the calculation efforts and this seems very unprofessional. The price is depending upon the requirements, deadline, difficulty level and the number of word count. So it fully depends upon the assignments. When my friends book the assignment they charge the assignment as per the need but after a few days, they will charge more by describing the more need in the assignment which seems not a professional manner.

Price Rating 5/10


The company is responsible for the promise they make. If they failed to fulfill the promise then the customer retention is low. As mentioned in the StudentAssignmentHelp website that they will deliver the assignment before the deadline which seems false statement because they always take more time than the delivery time. Even most of the students was suffered from the bad quality of task and the result in the degradation of their marks in university. The promise is something that can either make your service uphill or downhill.

Promise Rating 3/10

Refund Policy

The refund policy is somehow good in this service. The company says that if in any circumstances the student wants the refund then they will ready to give refund either in the bank account or in the wallet. When I was requested for a refund for my assignment they will give me within 1week. So this company is good in refund policy but the thing is that the student doesn’t book their assignment for a refund instead they want a solution. So its necessary for any company to provide the right solution instead of giving a refund.

Refund Rating 5/10 Students Review

Based on my analysis of the above points and my friends’ reviews on the web page. Review Rated 4/10