ThanksForTheHelp Review 9.7/10

The ThanksForTheHelp Review Analysis

Found to be better in respect of Experts,Quality, Price, Promise and Refund

Expert Information 10/10
Quality of Assignment 10/10
Price 9.5/10
Promise 9/10
Refund Policy 10/10

ThanksForTheHelp Review Information

The website of this company They helped more than 5000+ students who are well satisfied with the work. As per the analysis of ThanksForTheHelp Reviews, the students are happy with the company services and the quality of work they deliver.

The analysis reveals that the design of the website is also student friendly and easy to understand the whole process of the submission. They also provide the live calculator where the students can calculate their budget who wants to settle in Australia which is the add-on service for the students.

They also have more than 1000+ Experts across all major subjects.  Now, are you looking for the same type of services?

Let’s look upon some of the points:-

Expert Information:-

As discussed the ThanksForTheHelp has 1000+ experts to help students across the world. As we live in the dynamic world wherein every day many technologies and many software are launching to make the work easy and my analysis says that they hired the expert who has upgraded knowledge and develops their skill as per the changing technology.

The expert has a vast knowledge of MYOB, SAP, SAS, BLOOMBERG, CDR, dissertation etc which is really very impressive. Because of being experienced they are trustworthy to provide the best quality of paper by understanding all the requirements of the task.

ThanksForTheHelp Review Expert Rating 10/10

Quality Rating

I have booked my own assignment in this company and the quality of the task was great then I have realized that this is the best company I have got to complete my assignment. Even after analyzing the ThanksForTheHelp Reviews of my friends, they also support my point that the quality is standing uphill. The students across the world rejoice!!

As the main concerned of the student is for the quality of task because there are many sites which provide the same services but lastly, the student felt disappointment when they have received the bad quality of task.

I have analyzed that the company set their standards on the pillar of “Quality” because they understand that it is the matter of student career.

Quality Rating 10/10


The price of the assignment always depends upon the requirements of the task and the total efforts that is required to complete the assignment like for the efforts of designing, graph, calculations etc. The review says that the quotation is always fair enough and transparency is always there, as the company also gives 10% discount in every assignment.

As per the analysis sometimes there will be chance to increase more word count because the word that student booked is not sufficient for the requirement so that to provide the best quality of paper the expert need more word count which results to increase the price but the best part is that the company always clarify why there is the need for more word count so that student feel satisfaction before make payment.

Price Rating 9.5/10


The students always need their assignment for the given time. As per the reviews of students, sometimes the company misses the deadline because of some issues; the expert is unable to deliver the assignment on the given time.  An analysis reveals that the company fulfills all the promises but sometimes the student faces issues in deadline. However, the company serves 5000+ student all over the world, so that there may be the possibility of miss happenings.

Promise Rating 9/10

Refund Policy

Although the refund graph of this company is very low because of the best services sometimes there may be the chances in which students don’t want to continue the given assignment and want to book another assignment or maybe the university cancel the given assignment anything will happen depending upon the situation.

ThanksForTheHelp also provides the refund policy for the student so that the students feel the security of money from this company. As per my analysis company gives a refund in their wallet or bank account in which the student demands.

Refund Rating 10/10

Overall Review

Based on my friends’ reviews and my analysis “ThanksForTheHelp” offers a very positive service to its customers. It has all the services that the students would expect from a leading website.

ThanksForTheHelp Review Rated 9.7/10