TotalAssignmentHelp Review 2.6/10

The TotalAssignmentHelp Review Analysis

Improvements needed with Experts, Price, Refund Policy, and PROMISE

Expert Information 2.5/10
Quality of Assignment 5.5/10
Price 3.5/10
Promise 2.6/10
Refund Policy 1.5/10

TotalAssignmentHelp Review Information

As per the website, there is always an option to get the help that means they are always ready to help the students but approaching the agents to get a quote is very frustrating and time-consuming. The Totalassignmenthelp provided a wide range of services and highly qualified expert (Ph.D.) to complete the assignment. However, the reviews of students based on personal experience reveal the different truth of this company.  As per the TotalassignmentHelp Review some students claimed that they haven’t received the assignment on time while some people claimed that they received the worst quality of assignment from this company. The supportive customer chat agents always help us in saying the false and technically sound statement.

TotalAssignmentHelp Review

Look out some of the facts:-

Expert Information:-

The company hired the Ph.D. qualified experts to provide the best quality work but as per the reviews, the experts are not as much as efficient. I have booked my own Programming assignment based on JAVA language which of 4200 words efforts. I have given all the approaches that need to follow and also explain my whole requirements. But after some time one lady called me and want to know the requirement of the assignment, I again explained her all the things. However what I have got in my assignment is not uphill and it’s a very poor job. This is not a professional way to deal with the assignment as the expert failed to understand the real requirements and programming need to be done in the assignment.

TotalAssignmentHelp Review Expert Rating 2.5/10

Quality of Assignments

>Although except some of the subjects like high-level subjects the writer provides good quality of simple writing services. The students do not have a wide range of service quality expectation. As per the TotalAssignmentHelp Review the experts are not experienced enough in writing that’s why they only provide good quality in article writing or simple essay writing work while they are not good in Programming, engineering, and dissertation etc. My friend  Kitty received good quality work in 500 words essay writing while I have received poor quality or you may say just pass marks in programming assignment.

Quality Rating 5.5/10


The Price depends upon a number of the things. Once you fill the requirements of the assignment and upload the file the quotation of the assignment is done. Based on this you have to do the payment. The website has no updates of a proper structure of price so there is a lack of transparency in the pricing system.

Price Rating 3.5/10


The responsibility of assignment means you are responsible for the students’ career. As per the analysis of my friends’ TotalAssignmentHelp Reviews, I have found that the company breaks the promise and no one can ever trust on this website. I have received only passing marks after making that much of payment which is very ashamed. In the website, they make a promise to deliver the assignment on time but every time there is always an excuse for not delivering the assignment.  There is a lack of professionalism. My assignment time is 20th Dec and I have received my assignment on 25th of Dec after submitting the fine in a university I have received only passing marks which are the worst situation for me.

Promise Rating 2.6/10

Refund Policy

The company not mentioned the refund policy in the website but after escalating the company ready to give my money back but only in the wallet which is used in my next assignment but what is the use of my wallet if I don’t want to use this service any more this is just a forcing way to retain your customer which is very unprofessional and that’s the reason why Totalassignmenthelp have too fewer students to serve.

Refund Policy Rating 1.5/10 Students Review

Based on my personal experience and my friends’ TotalAssignmentHelp review I would like to suggest to choose the best writing service which will provide the worth service. Review Rated 2.6/10