TreatAssignmentHelp Review 5/10

The TreatAssignmentHelp Review Analysis

Improvement Needed with Quality, Promise, Price, and Refund

Expert Information 6/10
Quality of Assignment 4.5/10
Price 6/10
Promise 5.5/10
Refund Policy 3/10

TreatAssignmentHelp Review Information

The website of the company seems that they are providing a wide range of services to their students. The company provides dissertation, Homework services, Research paper, Thesis services etc to their students. They also guarantee to complete the assignment with the topmost writers who have years of experience in this field. However, the TreatAssignmentHelp reviews reveal the different truth. The students don’t seem satisfied with all the services of the company. The Process is in three steps, submit your assignment- make payment- receive a solution. Which is good to see but did everyone realize that the company provides the assignment is the same as per the expectation. Now it’s time to awake and let’s discuss the truth of the assignment.

TreatAssignmentHelp Review

Let’s lookout my experience

Expert Information:-

The company has hired the 50+ Ph.D. experts to complete the assignment of students. I have researched a lot about this company. One of my friends “Faraz” really want to discuss his experience in my TreatAssignmentHelp Review. He said to me that his experience was not so good with this company. He has submitted his assignment of Computer Science of 3000 words write-up and calculations efforts. He has paid partial payment as well to start the work with a deadline of 3 days. He thought that within 3 days expert can write his assignment in a good manner. After 2days passed the writer need more 500 words effort to complete the assignment. This is not a professional manner to ask for more money. It really irritates me but I have no choice and allow 500 words effort more.

Again when 25hours left a lady call me and said that the writer needs more 24hours to complete the assignment. I was very panic. I don’t know what happened with my assignment. After allowing 24hours I got my solution. These all scenario disclose that experts have knowledge but didn’t have that much experience in the writing field.

TreatAssignmentHelp Expert Review Expert Rating 6/10

Quality Rating

The solution when I was received was so terrible. I have received the solution with a lot of grammatical errors and no doubt I agree that writer complete my assignment but presentation also matter. The quality of assignment was not uphill and again I have to submit my assignment for a recheck. I have got my assignment again 24hr delay, which results in loss of my marks.  I was not happy to see the quality they have provided. However, the samples seem good.

Quality Rating 4.5/10


The price structure depends on the number of things like Assignment Type, number of the words, Complexity, and deadline. The company gives the free quote after submitting all your information to the form. You can’t find any price structure on the website. Being a student I agree that price structure depends on your assignment, not any predefined list. So you can get the price structure by submitting all the information to the company. My friend Faraz said that the price is not fixed and maybe they demand more in between process which is not good.

Price Rating 6/10


There is a bundle of writing service available on the web pages. They all make promises for their service. So it’s not a big deal if this company also make the promises. There is no guarantee what happens with your assignment. As per the TreatAssignmentHelp Review, the company promises to complete the assignment before the deadline given but not stand on their assignment and my friend lose the marks. I agree that customer support will treat you in a royal way and give all the answers to their students at that time. They are available 24*7 to help you. It seems really good. But students want their assignment with good quality and within the delivery time.

The company also provides few of the services free like reference, plagiarism, and rework facility. But again it’s the matter of students career, not a game to play again and again.

Promise Rating 5.5/10

Refund Policy

There is no refund policy mentioned on the website. When my friend asks for the same they are not giving a clear picture of the refund policy. There are many reviews on the web pages reveal that the company is fake and didn’t get your money back.

Refund Rating 3/10 Students Review

Based on my analysis and check the Faraz experience throughout the journey of assignment writing, I would; like to suggest that think once before choosing any writing service. Review Rated 5/10