Tutorversal Review 5.6/10

The Tutorversal Review Analysis

Improvement Needed with Expert, Promise,and Refund

Expert Information 4.5/10
Quality of Assignment 6/10
Price 7/10
Promise 4/10
Refund Policy 5.5/10

Tutorversal Review Information

The website is user-friendly and one can easily find any service. The company offers a wide range of services to their students. Essay section contains all the writing articles and essay writing services. The subject includes all the subjects of an assignment like finance, English, accounting, etc. The other services include the dissertation, CDR etc in this way they will provide all the services to their students. It seems good enough by analyzing all the services. The website also includes the section of Blogs one can check the quality of writing there. Can it be surely helping the students to check the quality of writing? The reviews of website seem good but as per the Tutorversal Review, the students do not seem happy. The reviews are not good or not in favor of this company.
It was a very complicated situation for me when I asked one of my friends who use this service so that I can get the point. My friend is not good in Accounting and he needs help in his assignment. He booked Accounting Assignment on this website.

Tutorversal Review

Expert Information:-

My friend booked the assignment and need the best expert as it is his last semester and he needs high marks. The expert who assigned for his assignment failed to fulfill the expectation. First of all, it seems very difficult for an expert to understand the requirements. After submitting the assignment a girl in the customer support called my friend and again wants to understand the exact requirement. Then again after 24 hrs the girl called and said that the expert wants any previous sample which is very pathetic for him. He realize that the expert is not experienced enough to do his assignment. After that, he tensed for his assignment. The company hired the Ph.D. writers to do the assignment but as per the Tutorversal Review the student gives very bad reviews for the expert; they claim that the expert information on the website is totally fake. They are native experts and are not good at writing English.

Tutorversal Review Expert Rating 4.5/10

Quality Rating

The quality of assignment was average. The writer gives the solution by delaying 1day. It’s good for my friend that he had submitted the assignment by taking 2 days as a buffer. After he revised the solution there was a lot of grammatical mistakes. The presentation of calculation was also of low quality and the paper seems that the writer failed to meet the high standard of assignment. The quality was average and my friend knew very well that he is going to lose his marks.

Quality Rating 6/10


There is a live calculator to calculate the price of the assignment which is one of the best services of the company. The student can know very well the exact price of the assignment. The price depends on a number of things like complexity, word count and assignment type. As per the Tutorversal Review, the student is satisfied with the price factor. Even few of the student said that price is low than other websites. The company also provide a 50% discount in the first order.

Price Rating 7/10


The company failed to assign the qualified experts as per the requirements of the assignment. The student seems not happy with expert assistance. Quality provided was also average. The customer support was good. They will assist at all the time. The company failed to fulfil all the commitment. The students not ready to book more assignment in future. The company provide good solution of low standard only. They are not experienced enough for higher qualification. The blog seems good but the assignment was not written as of same quality.
The company also provides few of the services free like reference, plagiarism, and rework facility. But again it’s the matter of students career, not a game to play again and again.

Promise Rating 4/10

Refund Policy

The company mentioned the refund policy with lot of circumstances. If the student fulfil the needs of circumstances than they will give the refund. Like 50% refund if student provide the proof of any grades marks or fail proof. There is a lot of condition while doing refund. But as per the reviews the student wants solution not refund and in case of refund the company try to compensate the matter. .

Refund Rating 5.5/10

Tutorversal.com Students Review

Based on my analysis and my friends review the overall rating was average. We all know that it is the crucial stage of every student. It s not the matter of money

Tutorversal.com Review Rated 5.6/10