UniqueAssignmentHelp Review 5.2/10

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Improvement Needed with Expert, Quality, and Promise

Expert Information 4.5/10
Quality of Assignment 4.9/10
Price 5.8/10
Promise 4.5/10
Refund Policy 5.5/10

UniqueAssignmentHelp Review Information

The website of the company seems very promotional. The company runs affiliate marketing as well to promote their business. They provide many types of services to their students. As per the UniqueAssignmentHelp Review many students seem happy but many students seem unhappy with the services. As per the website the company basically specializes in the technical area like DBMS, C++, JAVA etc these seems that company has more technical writers as compared to the simple writing experts. The students make it clear that they have to book the technical assignments with them otherwise maybe they will suffer if the essay writing assignment is not of good quality.
I have booked my crucial Business law assignment with them as I am suffering from fever and not able to do my assignment within 15hrs. So I have decided to book my assignment with this writing service.

UniqueAssignmentHelp Review

Expert Information:-

As per the company websites, the writer is well qualified and are able to do the assignment of best quality. I have already submitted my assignment with all the approaches and all the requirements needed to make my assignment. But the experts have so many queries and need more samples for the assignment Instead of being unhealthy I have arranged the samples and gave him, lastly I have received a call and the girl said that they have tried to find the writer for my assignment which was seriously very unprofessional. I have now only 8hours left to get the assignment done. I have got a notification that one of the experts booked for my assignment but he needs at least 12 hours. Anyhow, I need my assignment so I have allowed him to extend the deadline.

UniqueAssignmentHelp Review Expert Rating 4.5/10

Quality Rating

The quality was average and not uphill. The quality of assignment hampers a lot may be due to the lack of time. The quality also raises the marks in a university. I have already lost my marks for late submission and after checking the quality I make assure that I have only got the passing marks in my assignment. As per the UniqueAssignmentHelp review the students are not satisfied with the services the company has done. Even many students claimed that the company is new in this field and didn’t have the idea of Australian University guideline. The students are not happy with the quality they provided.

Quality Rating 4.9/10


The lowest price of the assignment is 12$ if the deadline is more and I have paid more price because I need the best quality within 12 hours. I can understand that price depends on a number of the factors like complexity, assignment type and deadline. So it’s all depending on different factors. I have booked my assignment by paying 55$ but my friend has completed the assignment by only giving 40$. However, the price seems affordable for all the students

Price Rating 5.8/10


The company promises that they will give all the services to their students but it seems fake because I am not getting the proofreading services and didn’t get the time for rework as well. The customer care is good to deal with. They always support the students and try their best to solve the query at a time.
The company also good at doing the technical work but for general write up they are weak in this area. The assignment never delivered on the given time so its good to take buffer.

Promise Rating 4.5/10

Refund Policy

The company agrees to provide the refund in case if the students are not satisfied or the company not able to do the work on time. It’s good to see that there are the circumstances under which the company can refund otherwise they tried to compensate the matter.

Refund Rating 5.5/10

UniqueAssignmentHelp Review

Based on the analysis and my own experience I would like to suggest to choose any other writing service as there are many services available on the web pages.It is the matter of your career and you deserve better than this.

Unique Assignment help review

UniqueAssignmentHelp Review Overall Rated 5.2/10