WriteMyAustralia Review 3.5/10

The WriteMyAustralia Review Analysis

Improvement Needed with Expert, Quality,Promise and Refund

Expert Information 3/10
Quality of Assignment 2.5/10
Price 5.5/10
Promise 4/10
Refund Policy 2.5/10

WriteMyAustralia Review Information

The website seems very informative. There is too many information in it. One can find many types of services and easy to approach. However, the company provides much information but students do not seem very happy with it. The WriteMyAustralia review on the website is good but out of the website the students claimed that there is a bundle of writing service on the web pages you can go for any other. I have used this service because of only attractive information available on the website. The company offers the service in the place nearby you. They try all the possibilities to impress us. Even the websites seem that they basically focus on promotions rather than to complete the assignment.
I am an MBA student with a marketing specialization. I am working in an Australian company as well. I have to work on one of the company projects which has some target. Due to this, I am unable to do my own assignment. Thanks to my friend who recalled me for the submission date as I forget.
Lastly, I am impressed with the information available on the company website and booked my Marketing assignment of 3000 words with SWOT analysis. Now I want to share my terrible experience with the company.

WriteMyAustralia Review

Expert Information:-

The company didn’t display any testimonial to check the qualification of expert and any information. While there are many websites which give us choice to select the expert. The expert who did my assignment is not experienced enough. He needs more words effort to do a SWOT analysis. At the time of booking the team said that the expert is ok with the word count and complete my whole assignment in good quality. When I was on my meeting they called me to take more money for extra word count which is unprofessional. They put my assignment on Hold because I failed to pick up the call. Then I have no choice and allow for more word count. The expert deliver the assignment which is not so attractive and SWOT analysis is also not based on any facts.

WriteMyAssignment Review Expert Rating 3/10

Quality Rating

The quality is important to gain more marks. But the expert is not experienced enough to provide the best quality work. I think the expert is new in this field and need more experience to work on a student assignment. They ruin my assignment. As per the WriteMyAustralia review they did a lot of grammatical mistakes. The presentation is also not good. Even the solution they are provided can be easily copied from the internet. I mean the rich content is not there. I am totally upset by the work they did.

Quality Rating 2.5/10


The price is not so bad. Even the students can easily afford the price the company offered. Being an MBA student I can understand the price depends on a number of things like the Quality, AssignmentType, Word Count, and Deadline. There are discount codes available on the reviews site whereas the discount codes must be at the top of the price page. I am not aware of this and missed to apply discount codes.

Price Rating 5.5/10


The company promises a lot of things for the students but they failed to deliver it all except the price factor. The company promises that they provide the good quality of work within the deadline but it’s not true. Even I am not happy with the work they did for me. The customer support is good. They are available 24*7. But sometimes there is some disturbance in the server and the chat is disconnected. The company provides the plagiarism checker but they are not providing the Turnitin report. As per the WriteMyAssignment Review, the students are not satisfied with the company service and not keep it for future work. The company is not good in all the subjects as well then why they take the responsibility of high standard education.

Promise Rating 4/10

Refund Policy

There is no refund policy on the website. When you will ask for the same then they will convince you for the refund policy. But when I applied for money back they want to compensate the matter and ignored completely. I am not relying again on any future assignment. As I have got only passing marks in my assignment

Refund Rating 2.5/10

WriteMyAustralia.com Students Review

Based on the analysis of WriteMyAssignment review on the web pages and my personal experience I want to suggest you all go for better writing service. It’s all the matter of your career, not money.

WriteMyAustralia.com Overall Rated 3.5/10